Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MJF/52 on jazz.com

My reports on all three days of the Monterey Jazz Festival (which ended Sunday night) are up on jazz.com. Day One is here, Day Two here, Day Three here. [NOTE: With jazz.com no longer active, I've moved them to this blog: Day One, Day Two, Day Three.] Later this week (or early next week) you can read a wrap-up and see several of HH's photos on jazzpolice.com.

If you want to know more about the festival, see Forrest Dylan Bryant's series at his site The Jazz Observer. He blogged during the festival from his iPhone, which boggles my mind. I took notes in my trusty Moleskine notebook, often in the dark, sometimes standing up, and deciphered them later (some on the plane on the way home). Bryant and I never met but we crossed paths several times, and we seem to be kindred spirits--we both enjoyed Buffalo Collision. We saw some of the same things but mostly different things, so if you happen to read both of us you'll get a good idea of the festival's scope and diversity.

You can also read the extensive coverage on the JazzWest website. One of their writers, Jerry Karp, also enjoyed Buffalo Collision. (Not that this is a litmus test; I'm just saying.)

On the other hand, Dave Becker of examiner.com hated both Buffalo Collision and Jason Moran's Monterey commission, "Feedback." You might want to read him, too. We don't all have to like the same things.

More writings on the festival (I'll add these as I learn about them, usually from MFJ's Tim Orr on Facebook):

Richard Scheinin for the San Mercury News
Josef Woodard for the Santa Barbara Independent
—Michael Katz for the International Review of Music: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
—Eric Johnson for Metro Santa Cruz
—Rick Marianetti for examiner.com. The man is a poet. Here, here, here, and here. Love that he included a picture of the Hat Man, dear Paul Aschenbrenner.
—Jeff Krow for Audiophile Audition
—Jay Goetting for the Napa Valley Register
—Jon Poses for the Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri)
—James Adams at CityFlight.com (Oakland/San Jose/San Francisco; lots of photos)
—The JazzWest Saturday photo gallery
—The All About Jazz wrap-up
—"Entertainment Desk" (don't these people have names?) at California Chronicle
--More from Dave Becker at examiner.com
--And Brian McCoy at examiner.com
--All Music Guide's Scott Yanow (from his own site)
--And finally, one on the food (which is pretty terrific), also from examiner.com

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