Saturday, September 22, 2007


When a big jazz festival comes to town, it pays to keep your eyes open. And it helps if you're staying at the Hyatt, which seems to be Jazz Central.

So far, we've seen the following people walking around, meeting friends at the bar, waiting for shuttles, or dining at the restaurant: Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Benny Greene and Belinda Underwood, Geoff Keezer, Sean Jones, Gerald Wilson, Anthony Wilson, Craig Taborn (to whom we delivered a hug from his mom), Gonzalo Rubalcaba...and Dave Brubeck, leaning politely toward the piano in the hotel lounge while someone well-intentioned but utterly clueless played a few bars of "Take Five."

John wants to add a few car sightings from our stay: Ferrari, Maserati, and the Bentley Continental GT in Beluga Black, with windows tinted so dark it could have been filled with clowns and we wouldn't have been able to tell.

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