Sunday, April 12, 2009

News about e.s.t.

I received this email yesterday from B.H. Hopper Management and include it here for fans and friends of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. Last night, as I listened to Marco Benevento and his trio at the Dakota, I heard whispers of Svensson in Benevento's piano. It made me sad. I miss e.s.t.

Here is the email.
Ten months have passed since the devastating news of Esbjörn Svensson´s tragic diving accident that left the music world in shock. “Leucocyte” the final e.s.t. album has been released last autumn and received amazing critical acclaim and lots of awards (among others the Swedish Grammy, the Vierteljahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, Gold and Platinum-Awards in Germany, Sweden and France) - and had pop chart entries in all key European countries (# 2 in the Swedish Pop Album Charts!!). Thank you all for making this a very special album !

In those months we have received uncountable mails from our e.s.t. fans from around the globe, a lot of whom were wondering what the other members of e.s.t. and related persons are up to now. Here is the very first glimpse at what is going on:

Dan Berglund just started with the recording of a solo-project for ACT, which will get released in early 2010 and will be supported by touring from March 2010 onwards (please stay tuned for further info and tour dates). For this solo-project he has put together a quartet of great Swedish musicians and composed all the songs himself ! Insiders that have heard demos of the first few tracks are already very enthusiastic – so watch out !

Magnus Öström is in the middle of producing an album for his fellow countrywoman Janet Lindstroem. Later this year he also intends to record a solo-project. Currently he is pretty busy with composing the music for that solo-project. He also performed the one or the other very selected show with Lars Danielsson´s band in order not to lose his skills.

Ake Linton, our sound engineer, is working most of the time at Bohus Sound Recording studios in Gothenburg and has from time to time done live-mixes for Norwegian outfit Suzanna & In the Country – he can´t wait for Dan Berglund´s touring endeavor next year and rumors have it that he already sits on packed suitcases at Gothenburg airport.

Anders Amren, our light designer, works closely again with Benny Andersson for the “Mamma Mia” musicals and presentations and is busy with creating short films.

Siggi Loch from ACT continued releasing first class albums of nowadays jazz outfits – the recent release is an album by Korean singer Youn Sun Nah, which was recorded in Denmark with the help of Lars Danielsson and Ulf Wakenius.

Burkhard Hopper moved at the end of last year to London. He continues to work with Dan and Magnus, but has also signed a few new artists, e.g. Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer, who is releasing his brand new album - “Hamada” - later this month.

Happy Easter holidays !!!

e.s.t.'s website Click on Videoclip. Just do it.
Jamie Cullum's eloquent tribute to Esbjorn Svensson.

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  1. This is good news, particularly as far as Magnus Öström is concerned. He's one of my favourite jazz drummers and has a very recognizable individual style. I fully expected him to disappear completely from the jazz scene after Esbjörn's terribly sad death. I'm glad to hear that I was wrong. I wish him luck.


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