Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hats for Cats Headcount

In October 07 I decided to make Dave King a hat. I like his music, he shaves his head and lives in Minnesota--why not do my part to keep his head warm? The whole thing snowballed, or yarn-balled, after that. Making hats for jazz musicians and others in the jazz world became an ongoing thing. It's basically an excuse for watching Law & Order reruns.

Here's the list of people who have Hats for Cats so far. If you happen to find a black hat with a green stripe and a Hats for Cats label inside, please return it to Dan Eikmeier at the Dakota. It was stolen from his car last year.

Reid AndersonChris Bates • Leah Beach • Don BerrymanBrian Blade • Walter Blanding • Leon “Chocolate” BrownAndrea Canter • James Cammack • Laura Caviani • Larry Clothier • Pat Courtemanche • Joe Doermann • John Economos • Craig Eichhorn • Dan EikmeierMichael Ekhaus • Douglas Ewart • Arne Fogel • Scott Fultz • Larry FullerVincent GardnerAlvester GarnettRick GermansonTed GioiaBenny Green • Doug Haining • Roy HargroveCarlos Henriquez • Kenny Horst • Ethan IversonGordy JohnsonSean JonesStanley Jordan • Jason Jungbluth • Dave KingMary Lewis • Michael Lewis • Adam Linz • Dean Magraw • Wynton Marsalis • Charnett Moffett • Kristen MorsPhil Palombi • Lowell Pickett • Joshua Redman • Justin Robinson • Reuben Rogers • Kelly Rossum • Maria Schneider • Lilly Schwartz • Jaleel Shaw • Greg Skaff • Maryann Sullivan • Chris Thomson • Deborah Upchurch • Jeremy WalkerMarsha Walker • John Whiting • Davis Wilson

Updated 8-23-09

Photo: Michael Lewis in his hat (actually hat #2, long story), taken with his iPhone

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  1. Just got mine in the mail! Thanks SO much Pamela! It looks and feels great, and fits wonderfully.



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