Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The new and improved live jazz calendar

The Live Jazz in the Twin Cities calendar can now be found in two places: at the right, in agenda format, and on its own page, in standard calendar grid format (which you can change to agenda if you want, using the tab at the upper right).

Each entry contains a lot of information, and the way that information is organized has changed. Events are now listed by artist, not venue. Every listing is still a hot link, but when you click on it, the Where is the name and city of the venue, the map link usually leads to a real map (depending on whether Google Maps knows about the venue), and the Description now includes complete contact information for the venue: address, phone, URL.

I'm making these changes day-by-day going forward; not every event follows the new format yet, but eventually all will.

Sorry, this is calendar geek-speak, but I thought it might be helpful to people who use the calendar regularly.

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