Friday, December 10, 2010

News about e.s.t.

The great Swedish trio e.s.t. no longer exists, following the untimely death of pianist and leader Esbjorn Svensson in June 2008, but I'll keep reporting news about the other members as I learn it. This just in from B.H. Hopper Management in London:

Magnus Öström will soon release the first album as a leader of his career. “Thread of Life” will get released worldwide on February 25, 2011.

After more than two years of silence Magnus went back to his favorite studio, the Atlantis Studio in Stockholm. He joined up with his old friend, sound engineer Janne Hansson, to record some brand new compositions that he had written during the period following Esbjörn Svensson´s untimely passing and the dissolution of e.s.t..

For the recording he put together a new and sparkling band, which includes Andreas Hourdakis on guitars, Gustaf Karlöf on keyboards, and Thobias Gabrielson on bass. All of them great and unique players from the music scene in Stockholm.

They first got together during the summer of 2010 to jam in Magnus´ own little studio and he immediately felt very comfortable playing with them, interpreting his compositions and complimenting his style of playing with their own strong personal sounds. Everything fell into place. In early October the band was finally ready to record and between 4 and 7 of October intense sessions took place at Atlantis Studios.

The title of the album ”Thread of Life” came quite naturally to him, as Magnus explains: ”’Thread of Life’ is the energy that keeps everything alive and also gives me the spark for my music. But, we have to be aware, that it is only a thin thread that can be cut off any minute, so we better take good care of our time here on Earth and the people around us and of course also the environment that surrounds us.”

The sound of the album immediately reminds of e.s.t. It demonstrates how much Magnus´ drum sound has also been part of the signature sound of e.s.t.and although Magnus had not composed for e.s.t. at the time, his melodies are similarly intricate, interwoven and building towards a climax. ”In the end all the three of us always worked on the arrangements of Esbjörn´s melodies, so depending on the song mine or Dan´s input could be substantial”.

On this album you can find Magnus in nearly every chair: composer, arranger, drummer, producer.  ”To show what  my musical universe is all about I needed to do it that way. Also because I really love composing and to be in the studio producing. And I couldn`t have asked for a better line up to record with.” Magnus is very proud of the result.

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