Monday, December 26, 2011

Tuesdays at the Nicollet

Scenes from a typical Tuesday night at the Nicollet Coffee House on the corner of Nicollet and Franklin. Live music, dancing, conversation, people with laptops, friends greeting each other.

On stage, L to R: Doug Haining, Kristin Sponcia,
Rhonda Laurie, Maryann Sullivan, Trevor Haining

What began in August has become a going thing. Maryann Sullivan and Rhonda Laurie are co-curating the music, and owner Jeremy Konecny is hoping to score a beer and wine license before too long, which should help make the place even more of a destination.

I like how it feels--warm and welcoming. High ceilings, big windows on two sides, creaky wood floors, random furniture including some overstuffed chairs. Not that I'm hoping for snow, but it seems the Nicollet will be a perfect place be on nights with fat, fluffy flakes drifting by.

Both Maryann and Rhonda happened to be performing on the night these photos were taken (Dec. 20), but they're bringing in a variety of Twin Cities musicians and groups. So far: Reynold Philipsek, Christine Rosholt, John Penney, Bob Fantauzzo (who now has his own monthly Saturday night gig with his group JazZen), Emily Green and Chris Lomheim, Vicky Mountain, Dorothy Doring, the Phil Mattson Singers, the Graydon Peterson Group, Three Flights Up, Joel Shapira, James Allen, and more.

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