Friday, October 5, 2007


Potter Robert Briscoe is having his fall studio sale at his home in the woods in Harris, with guest potter Jason Trebs. Bob is part of the annual St. Croix Valley Potters' Tour, which draws fans and collectors from across the US every Mother's Day weekend. The fall sale is smaller, more relaxed and social. The beer is cold and the food is excellent; weather permitting, Bob builds a roaring campfire and people gather around. Friends come and stay late. On Friday, someone brought a guitar; at least three people there could play, so the guitar got passed around and for while at dusk and into the night, we sang or listened or sang along while the fire blazed and sparked and Bob gave it the occasional kick to keep it in shape. After dark, people wandered the grounds looking at pots with flashlights.

The first piece of pottery I ever bought was one of Bob's bowls. That was 20 years ago, and I still like it.

Photos, top to bottom: Calla lily in a tall pot by Jason Trebs. Bob wearing his red "I Still Make Mudpies" shirt. Pots for sale.

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