Sunday, August 2, 2009

Changes to the live jazz calendar

As more people use the live jazz calendar, I look for ways to make it more complete and easier to use.

Briefly: The live jazz calendar was created in November, 2007, when I started writing for MinnPost, as a way to keep track of as many events as possible. When I wrote my weekly picks, I wanted to have a broad view of what was out there. Almost overnight I was amazed to learn how much live jazz happens here--so many styles and venues and performers, so many choices.

On May 18 of this year I made the calendar public and put it on Bebopified. It's handy to have it here, and easy to read/use if you click on Agenda at the top right.

But it's not so terrific on a smart phone--too small, hard to read, won't scroll. (At least that's true on my iPhone. Maybe you Blackberry or Google phone users don't have this problem?)

So now there's another choice: Bebopified's Jazz Calendar, a page all its own, all calendar, all the time. The content is identical to the calendar on the blog, just easier to read on a smaller screen. Agenda view is still best.

As you can imagine, keeping this calendar current is a big job. Performers and venues, you can help by emailing information about upcoming events to: OR

For each event, please include:

• date
• location
• start time/end time
• performers' names
• cost (I haven't included this information in the past but am starting now)
• anything else you think might be interesting for people to know

Ideas for making the calendar more useful? Send those, too. Thanks.

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