Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jazz on Twitter

All hail the compulsive and accurate list maker, whoever he or she may be. In this case, kudos go to Donna M of the Elements of Jazz website, who has compiled a lengthy list of jazz artists, places, festivals, radio stations, bloggers, writers, and more who tweet, regularly or otherwise.

Ahmad Jamal tweets? Seriously? Okay, he probably doesn't send out his own tweets, but someone else does a very credible job of keeping his twitter followers up to date.

Area artists/venues/sites tweeting include Adam Meckler, the Artists' Quarter, the Dakota, the JazzMN Orchestra, Jazz Police, KBEMMary Louise Knutson, the TC Jazz Festival, and yours truly.

Find Donna's list here. If you're not on it and you should be, contact Donna here.

Larry Englund? KFAI's jazz shows? Where are you? Tweeting may seem silly and it can be, but it's also part of the communication puzzle these days.


  1. LOL! I suppose there is a bit of compulsiveness involved with the creation of the Twitter "Jazzerati" list. :)

    Thank you for checking out the website. Thank you, also, for letting your readers know about the list, how to contact me and why they should be on the list.

    May 2011 be your best year ever!

  2. LOL myself! At the moment, I'm in the Atlanta airport. I will be purchasing a smart phone upon my return, and then we'll see about tweets. BTW, KFAI as a station tweets, but us troglodytes who host shows can be a bit slow in catching on to things.



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