Sunday, December 2, 2007

Michael Lewis and Bryan Nichols

11/30/07, Cafe Maude: After viewing the train wreck of Chet Baker's life, we went to Cafe Maude in southwest Minneapolis, where owner Kevin Sheehy is serving good food and live music—jazz on Fridays. Michael Lewis (of Fat Kid Wednesdays and Happy Apple) bent over his saxophone, Bryan Nichols made magic on the piano keys, and I had the stickiest bourbon Manhattan of my life, possibly because I asked for cherries. But no one shot heroin, at least not openly, and everyone had a good time. There were seven of us and we had to wait over an hour for a table in the small but packed restaurant, where I hope at least a few people besides us, drummer Alden Ikeda, and Mike Lewis's mom Mary were there for the music as well as the hamburgers, lamb skewers, crab cakes, and fries.

Fat Kid Wednesdays on MySpace.
Happy Apple on MySpace.

Photo of Mike Lewis by John Whiting. Mike is a guy who never sits or stands still for a second, plus this photo captures his jazzy coolness.


  1. They seem to be booking cool stuff, but it is a very noisy room for music.

  2. Very noisy, I agree. We stayed late and the crowd thinned out and we could actually listen to the final few songs. If you go early expecting to hear the music, you'll be disappointed for sure. I don't think we heard a note of Dean Granros when we went there on your birthday.


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