Saturday, December 8, 2007


I just ordered another dozen Moleskine Pocket Size Ruled Reporter notebooks, having scribbled my way through the second-to-last one I have on hand. I discovered this wonderful tool a few years ago and it instantly became my paper crack. I never go anywhere without one. Sometimes I forget my phone but never my Moleskine. I once had a dream in which someone snatched my purse. I ran after him shouting "Keep the wallet, keep the phone, keep the iPod, but drop the Moleskine!" The only irreplaceable thing.

The mothership Web site.
A Moleskine blog.
Moleskine on YouTube.
The best prices online.

P.S. How to pronounce "moleskine" (from Interesting Thing of the Day):
In Italian, it’s “mo-leh-SKEE-neh”; in French, it’s “mo-lə-SKEEN”; and in English, it’s “those little notebooks with the oilcloth covers.”

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