Monday, September 15, 2008

More Blue

Fish don't generally interest me except with wasabi or grilled with a nice pesto, but the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see so we went. (HH wanted to know, "Do they have fish sandwiches there?") We saw otters being fed and anchovies swimming in a circle (around and around ad infinitum) and rockfish with mohawks and hammerhead sharks and tall towers of waving kelp. We learned that all sheepfish are born female and some later transition to male. An octopus flowed across plate-glass widows in front of our noses; there are a lot of suckers on those tentacles, from large to very small. Penguins appear to be itchy. The Aquarium is well-designed, fascinating, and large. Before you know it, you've spent four hours and you need a beer.

Support ocean-friendly seafood, or at least learn what to eat and not to eat. (Don't eat Chilean seabass, orange roughy, imported fish, or bluefin tuna.)
Photos, top to bottom: Jellies. A sea dragon (click to enlarge; see the long snout at the left, and above that the eyes). Penguins. I don't know why the penguins photo looks like a diorama at the Field Museum.

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