Sunday, May 11, 2008

16th Annual Pottery Studio Tour & Sale

When: 5/10/08
Where: Harris, North Branch, Lindstrom, Taylors Falls, and Shafer
Who: The Minnesota Potters of the Upper St. Croix River: Robert Briscoe, Kathryn Finnerty, Mary Barringer, Suze Lindsay, Matthew Metz, Jo Severson, Kent McLaughlin (at Briscoe's studio); Richard Vincent, Sandra Byers, Winthrop Byers, Bill Gossman, Chris & Sue Holmquist (at Vincent's studio); Will Swanson, Ellen Sankin, Silvie Granatelli (at Swanson's studio); Connee Mayeron, Liz Quackenbush, Curtis Hoard, Amy Sabrina, Gail Kendall (at Mayeron's studio); Jeff Oestreich; Linda Christianson, Kristin Pavelka, Guillermo Cuellar, Scott Goldberg, Kirk Lyttle (at Christianson's studio)

The day started out sunny and perfect but turned to rain by mid-afternoon. The pots were wonderful and the crowds were strong, especially at Briscoe's, where people came up the steps in waves and stood in long lines to pay. We all found things we loved and brought home. Best to start saving up for next year.

Top photo: The scene at Briscoe's during a relatively calm moment. Here's where we eat and drink beer.

Below: Matthew Metz's intricately carved tea bowls and mugs.

Win Byers's serene and beautiful bowls. Surprisingly lightweight, endlessly useful.

Wisconsin potter Sarah Dudgeon traveled by limousine with her Wednesday-evening class.

Tea bowls by Guillermo Cuellar.

Photos by John Whiting.

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