Monday, May 19, 2008


Views from our hotel room: a corner suite on the 7th floor of the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. It's huuuuuuuge.

All this green, with flashes of red flowers, is lovely after our long Minnesota winter. That's Disney World in the distance; the round ball at the right is Epcot. We're told we can see three different Disney fireworks displays at night.

When you want a great hotel room, it matters whom you know. Or to whom you're related.

Thanks, little sister.


  1. Cute swimsuit Pamela! And LOOK at that Mr. John of yours sunning himself by the pool...we can almost...make out his...umbrella drink. Piná Colada?

    Hope you're enjoying every minute!


    P.S. "Pheobe" says a quick "Arph!" (she's off for her afternoon walk in the "country")

  2. Ha ha, Todd, if you think you see me in a bathing suit, you need glasses. And John is drinking margaritas. Kiss Carmen for us. XOXO back.

  3. great visit!. Thanks for setting up my blog and cleaning up my computer talk soon love Gini the wicked step-mother


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