Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fireworks, big room, baby ducks in danger

Saw fireworks last night somewhere off in the distance, not Disney World but still sparkly. The New York Times reported recently that an explosion destroyed 20 fireworks warehouses in China three months ago. I wonder how many places across the United States have fireworks displays every night? According to the Times, we should expect shortages.

The link to the Times article looks, in part, like this: worldbusiness/17kaboom.html.

George Plimpton wrote a book about fireworks in the 1980s.

Below, two views of the room where I gave my presentation. Eeeeeeee! Freaking big! In fact quite a few people showed up and it went well.

Scene: The hotel bar later in the day.

In the early evening, we walked to the small lake on the hotel grounds. Saw this sign:

Then saw these:

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