Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cold turkey

I'm suffering major live music withdrawal
with no relief in sight. Because I am, in some things, a horrible procrastinator (despite the fact that I'm supposed to know better), I've had to stay out of the clubs and away from the fun for several days to prepare for a conference this coming week. So I've missed Connie Evingson and the start of the Sur Seine festival and Bruce Henry and the Ellen Lease/Pat Moriarty Quartet and the Jazz Piano Competition and I am not happy at all. Making things worse is my friend Andrea who keeps sending emails about how fabulous all the music is that I'm missing and she's hearing, thanks very much, Ms. C., you're mean. If only I were going somewhere I could hear live music (preferably jazz) but I'm not, unless Orlando has a hidden subculture or suddenly moves a lot closer to Miami. At least I can listen to Gordy Johnson's terrific new Trios CD on my iPod.

Cold Turkey by Ron Parvu. Watercolor. Saginaw Art Museum.

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