Friday, May 9, 2008

Minnesota sur Seine

It breaks my heart that I'll miss most of this year's Minnesota sur Seine music festival. I'll be at a conference and won't get to much of the good stuff: Tony Hymas playing Debussy, the French rappers, Tim Berne. It's tough to live in a town with so many musical choices (she says, trying not to sound smug).

Earlier I spoke with festival co-director Sara Remke for this week's MinnPost column. More from that interview follows. View and download the schedule on the festival's Web site.

On opening night with Anthony Cox (basses) and Raymond Boni (guitar): Anthony is someone we've always loved. This year he'll play with Boni, a gypsy guitarist and free jazz guitarist, very academically trained. Musically I think it will be very subtle, a quiet opening.

On "An Evening with Federico Garcia Lorca": There will be songs, followed by poetry in Spanish, then flamenco music. After, we'll go to the Black Dog for a big party. We've invited some dancers. We can't say for sure they will come but you never know.... Violeta [Ferrer, who will read Lorca's poems] was a flamenco dancer in her early years. She's in her late 70s now.

On "Breakfast with Kylie": Guitar player Noel Akchote covers Kylie Minogue's songs. He's done a whole album dedicated to her and how she inspired him. It's just beautiful. I've been driving around in my car listening to it.

On "L' Apres-Midi des Faunes" with Benoit Delbecq and Dave King: Delbecq will probably play prepared piano. This show is a way for him and King to play with their toys.

On "Fest Noz at the Black Dog":
That's a big secret. We'll announce it later.

On "An Evening in Paris":
Tony Hymans and Jean [Rochard] did a three-CD set of Tony playing Debussy and Satie. Tony has been playing a lot of classical music lately. For a lot of people, that will be a side of Tony they haven't heard. Jean says it's quite rare to play all 12 Debussy etudes.

On "Echoes of Truth, Fire Music": I think there will be a few guests.

I asked Sara, "What is sur Seine's biggest coup this year?" The biggest coup will be if we pull it off.

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