Monday, March 24, 2008

Hats for Cats: Chris Bates

One-half of the fabulous Bates Brothers (the other is drummer J.T.), bassist Chris is a musician I follow around town. When I learn that he'll be playing somewhere with someone (Ellen Lease and Pat Moriarty, the Kelly Rossum Quartet, Slide Huxtable, Red Planet, Poutums Jazz Trio, the Enormous Quartet, at the Guthrie in a show about the music of Tom Waits) or even with no one (his solo set at the Rogue Buddha gallery last December was amazing), I try to go. I have yet to catch him at the Kitty Cat Club but that's in my future.

So, Chris, this hat's for you. It's cashmere so don't throw it in the washing machine unless you want a baby hat.

Bassists tend to stand at the back of the stage where there isn't much light, plus they move around a lot. Someday I'll get a better photo.


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