Friday, March 21, 2008

Hats for Cats: Joe Doermann

My inexplicable urge to knit hats, especially hats for jazz musicians and people related to jazz in some way, led my punster husband John to coin the term "Hats for Cats."

New: a blue hat for Joe Doermann, one of our favorite Dakota staff persons, a young man of considerable charm, impeccable behavior, and handsome tattoos.

I designed this pattern after John saw singer/guitarist Raul Midon wearing a ribbed hat on a Herbie Hancock special. I like how the decreases at the top (the decreases are the stitches that turn a tube into a hat) overlap like petals. The shape of the hat on the head is sleek and close-fitting. John wears his a lot.

The first hat for a cat.

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