Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter Jazz Fest: Snowblind

When: 3/2/08
Where: MacPhail Center for Music
Who: Shilad Sen (tenor saxophone), Adam Rossmiller (trumpet), Scott Agster (trombone), Graydon Peterson (bass), Reid Kennedy (drums)

I previewed the Winter Jazz Fest for MinnPost but didn't see much of it. I spent most of the day at table for the Dakota Foundation for Jazz Education, conveniently located next to a table for Jazz is NOW! (Hi Jason, hi Meg!) I sneaked away long enough to hear a tune and snap a few pictures of Snowblind, a group I've heard a lot about but hadn't yet seen live. Except for bass and drums, it's all horns. Visit their Web site and hear "Dark Mambo" from their second and latest CD, Taking Shape. Very nice.

Snowblind's set was in a room on the sixth floor of Macphail that holds about 60 people. A great space with clean, clear sound and beautiful light during the day.

Top to bottom: Peterson and Sen; Agster; Rossmiller.

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