Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kelly Rossum Quartet

Where: Artists' Quarter
Who: Kelly Rossum (trumpet), Bryan Nichols (piano), Chris Bates (bass), J.T. Bates (drums)

In late February through mid-March, if you don't want to see Kelly Rossum, stay home. Starting with his quartet's two-day stay at the AQ, he's everywhere: performing with the MacPhail Jazz Faculty, with Ellen Lease and Pat Moriarty, running around (but not, I think, performing at) the Winter Jazz Festival, with Woody Witt at the Dakota, with the Jazz is NOW! NOWnet.

This is a great night at the AQ. Davis is at the door, the crowd is mostly attentive, and the music is as good as you'll hear anywhere and better than you'll hear in most places. See for yourself in this video taken by Don Berryman, newly rendered in high definition by YouTube. We were sitting with Don and Beverly so this is pretty much the same thing we saw and heard.

Also on the program: "Fly Away," "Seduction," a funky "Lead Soldiers," "La Vita a Roma," Nichols' "A Word from Our Sponsors" (with a big, bad solo by Chris Bates), "Majestic, Mighty Monarch of the Air," and two tunes from the not-yet-released Family, recorded by this quartet: "After the Snow" and the title track. Much of it was mellow and all of it was good.

Rossum is one of the few artists who regularly updates the performance schedule on his Web site.

Top to bottom: Kelly Rossum, Bryan Nichols. Photos by John Whiting.

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