Monday, April 14, 2008

Hats for Cats: Marsha Walker

To date, all of my Hats for Cats have been for men, a trend that ends now. This is for Marsha Walker, friend, marketing wiz, jazz fan, wife of Jeremy, stylish and effortless wearer of hats.

The yarn: Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo, made in Italy. The pattern: Fountain Hat by Katie Himmelberg. Turns out it's a hat that was inspired by a movie called The Fountain. Himmelberg explains: "The three different pattern areas on the hat represent the three eras of the love story in the movie." Next time I make this hat, it will have two different pattern areas, movie be damned.

Message to Marsha:
Since I forgot to give you a yarn label, here are care instructions: Hand wash cold, dry flat. Also: My friend and knitting guru Chris Rieffer modeled your hat for the photo at the top of this post. Click here for a surprise. And please tell Jeremy his hat is on the needles.

Top photo borrowed from Chris Rieffer's blog.

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