Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kevin Kling

If I were in Seattle, I'd go to see this play by Kevin Kling.

As one columnist noted, it's not as much about dogs as she thought it would be, given the poster, "but it does have some wonderful animal moments including a funny cat-and-dog story that directly relates to the show's odd title; images that stick in your head like the quirky uncle sitting with his dogs in the front seat of an abandoned car--the doors removed to create a doghouse any pup would love; and a few heartfelt tributes to Dachshunds (with whom Kling lives)."

I've seen Kling perform several times and have always loved his description of the wiener dog: "A can-do attitude in a can't-do body."

It seems safe to assume that the photo on the poster is by Mary Ludington, Kling's partner and author of The Nature of Dogs.

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