Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jason Trebs and Peter Jadoonath 5th Annual Pottery Sale

When: 3/29/08
Where: Back Alley Gallery, Lowertown St. Paul

Jason and Peter are among our favorite potters. We've been buying their pots for years. We returned from their 5th Annual Pottery Sale with a pitcher by each artist, a vase by Peter, and a bowl by Jason. All will get a lot of use.

Photos from the sale:

Why buy handmade pottery:
Trebs: “Because you can use it.”
Jadoonath: “It’s an approachable art form, and affordable.”

On pottery and relationship:

Trebs: “When something I make becomes part of someone’s personal space, that’s an intimate relationship.”
Jadoonath: “The idea of someone buying a cup I made, and touching it to their lips—that’s an intimate thing. You don’t buy a painting and kiss it.”

Photos by John Whiting. Top: Peter (left) and Jason. A table at the sale. One of Peter's creature pots.

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