Thursday, April 17, 2008


Where: Dakota
Who: Shilad Sen (tenor saxophone), Adam Rossmiller (trumpet), Scott Agster (trombone), Graydon Peterson (bass), Reid Kennedy (drums)

I caught Snowblind only briefly at the Winter Jazz Fest and was overdue to hear more. All brass, drums, and bass, no keyboards of any kind, they have a sound all their own. Listen on MySpace or on their Web site.

We hear "Night and Day," trombonist Agster's "Entre'acte," and a new composition by Sen called "Journey." Sen tells us they're recording tonight's show for a possible third CD. Kennedy's arrangement of "Pajamas" starts by quoting the Brahms Lullabye.

I like the tight, bright and airy sound of all that brass. And I like how SnowBlind is dressed to the nines in suits and ties. Of course good music does not depend on what the musicians wear, blah blah, but I appreciate it anyway. It makes me think they're serious.

They play "Sleepers," a tune by bassist Peterson, whom I rarely see when he's not backing a singer (usually Christine Rosholt). When there's a singer, that's where the spotlight goes, and it's good to hear what Peterson can do in this type of setting.

The first set (the only one we can stay for—we're on the way to the Times for Arne Fogel) continues with "Country Drive," which Sen introduces as another original and the band's favorite ballad. "This has been our dinner music set--mellower," he explains. They end with the not-so-mellow "Shake It."

If Snowblind had an email list, I'd sign up for it. I like this group. Does anyone else think Reid Kennedy looks like Ed Norton?

Photo by John Whiting.

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